@lindsays I managed to find one source that was not quite as expensive. Key was searching for Grade 5 Titanium which is for mechanical applications rather than grade 1/2 which is chemically pure and used as electrodes.
And I figure what I lose in material choice I gain in strength & ease of anodising. I really didn’t want to get into the (even more expensive) mess of powder coating or anodising & dyeing aluminium.


@lindsays currently thinking about how to most easily cut nice blanks from the sheet. Markup fluid + laser cutter to scribe outline, then shears/scroll saw... then how to finish edges? I don’t know how much I wanna freehand it with a dremel, and manual filing would take ages. I need a die filer...

@lindsays I have access to small CNC router, but workholding for a flat sheet nearly entirely taken up by cutouts makes that a tricky prospect.

@s0 wheeeeeee that's a big one... honestly like. i've only ever worked with steel and some aluminum, i've never gone to titanium. i suspect that a belt sander would work to clean up edges? but you'd need a helluva strong belt.
i've seen a trick with somebody who uses CNC in that they hold down the outsides, drill out the screw holes where they can (between the cutout work pieces) then screw it down, remove the outer holds, then run it, but... i don't know how well that'd work, plus conserving material.

@lindsays also there’s only two fastener holes. Not suuper rigid.

@lindsays buuuut I could 3D print an upper clamp to make that work

@lindsays @s0 titanium is weird. Have you ever seen an SR-71? Maybe looking into how they made it would help. They had to figure out a lot of handling that material themselves.

@Agris @lindsays I’m not quite making supersonic compound-curved aerofoils out of it. And in terms of material handling, NYC CNC on YouTube have various info & guides on CNCing Titanium stock, but it’s not going to be especially relevant to me — I just need to cut through 1mm of it, and am mostly limited by strength of a very narrow endmill.

@s0 'course, there's also the option of two pieces of tape, sticky parts to the table then the work piece, superglue those together to hold it in place... i don't know how well that'd work though.

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