Did I tell you all about yesterday’s tragedy :blobcat_bigsob:
Brand new labelmaker, I hardly knew thee :blobcat_reachsob:

Fs in chat for fair Blodwyn, she had hardly printed ten labels before the Accident :blobcat_ohnocry:

I have ordered another screen from Ali express that has the same connector and specs (3.5” 128*64 dot matrix mono LCD, 12 pin FPC connector with separate backlight), I’m fervently hoping that it is directly compatible.

If it doesn’t work straight up, hopefully it’s just a matter of bodge-wiring 6 pins around to match — it has to be I2C and there’s usually only one controller used in a given style.

So it turns out I had the wifi connection configured already, and the software on my laptop & phone...

@s0 They don't have a warranty for that, or is user error not covered?

@ljwrites as always, no. Nobody covers accidental damage. And brother is fairly well known for dicking around their customers. But if the substitute screen doesn’t work, I’ll try phoning their service people from my ‘business’, which will hopefully get better results than as any old schmuck.

@s0 sounds like a plan 👍 I guess I'm spoiled because of my recent experience with ZSA (the keyboard people) which has a no-questions-asked 2-year warranty and never asked how the malfunction came about--I suspect it was at least partly accidental, such as one of the times I dropped the keyboard--and they didn't blink when I openly admitted I made things worse with my attempts at partial disassembly and cleaning. Then again their keyboards are horrendously expensive so it's to be expected I guess. It's awful that only customers who've paid through the nose can expect good service (and not always even then).

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