It’s been over a week with no sign of my Walkman, I’m facing the prospect that it is sadly lost to the aether. Now I have to decide if I buy another equivalent one of the current model, or some other audio player, or just use my phone for the purpose (as I’m getting close to needing to upgrade to a new phone anyway). Any thoughts?

@ljwrites yeah. Nowadays it’s the branding for their digital audio players (like iPods).

@ljwrites I had my whole ~150GB music library on a 400GB microSD in it, so I didn’t need to worry about having internet anywhere I went. And it has a 3.5mm output, unlike any phones these days.
But I could replace it with an app on my phone that connects directly to my library on my NAS, and just set it to download everything offline as needed. And then I already have a lightning to 3.5mm dongle.
Given that would save upwards of AU$500, it seems probably worth the slight inconvenience of not being able to leave the player plugged in somewhere and taking my phone with me, and the battery life hit.

@s0 yeah and battery life can be compensated for with an external battery.

@s0 oooh, I see. I was like, "losing a piece of old-school tech seems like a big deal, why is she so calm about this??" Well I'm lazy and just listen to stuff on YouTube playlists on my phone or computer these days, and might rip and save the audio on my phone to listen to on MediaMonkey if I like it.

@ljwrites I am a little horrified but also glad for you that you don’t have the ear to tell the difference. It’s more trouble than it’s worth, honestly.

@s0 one saves a lot of money on gear by having insensitive ears tbh

misinformation, fictional clickbait 

@ljwrites @s0
"This one simple trick saves you a lot of money"
"Visit a noisecore concert and stand in front of the speakers the entire night without ear protection."

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