I wanna take out my camera sometime and take photos :blobcat_camera:


I like shooting prime/manual and Chinese manufacturers like Kamlan make very decent versions of mid-1900s German/Soviet lenses for very cheap compared to really modern ones. And I sure don’t care about a bit of lost sharpness or distortion when I can shoot at F/2 for cheap

My dad has some beautiful Summicron lenses and shooting with those really got me into it. Only took a $10 passive adapter

Mirrorless cameras make shooting full manual a walk in the park for anything but fast-moving subjects because you can just enable focus peaking and get an instant display of where the focal plane is

Wait it’s actually F/1.1 (but gives much better sharpness at F/2)

My normal camera kit which fits in a very small & light bag is:
- Sony Nex 7 (APS-C)
- 4 batteries (enough for around 2 days of busy holiday shooting)
- Kamlan 50mm F/1.1
- Sony 16mm F/2.8 pancake
- Sony 55-210mm F/4.5-6.3 zoom
And I can fit a 4th small lens in too if I really want (I have a kit zoom 18-55mm, 35mm macro, and a fisheye adapter)

@s0 I have a few old-ish Nikkor lenses and I love them. On the D90 I even had autofocus with them, but on my current D3400 body not even the aperture can be controlled by the camera, and I'm too lazy for full manual :(
The 35mm/f2 has a deep scratch which shows up in the bokeh. The 50mm/f1.4 is amazing, but these days I'm only using it with a macro adapter tube to photograph PCBs up close.

@s0 I intentionally hunt down old, pre-digital Nikon glass for the same reason. I have an original 80-200 f/4.5 that is absolutely dreamy to use, as a result.

@s0 I think thats one of the cameras they use on Kitten Academy - I keep planning to treat myself to a "proper" camera (rather than just using my mobile phone); although currently motor cars are burning a hole in my wallet...

@vfrmedia it’s not a bad camera except for mediocre low-light performance and limited video capability (cuts out at 30mins of recording for some reason)

@s0 thanks, now I know my next lens will have to be something vintage with the widest aperture I can find :>

@f0x I can recommend the modern repros over the vintage ones because their grease perishes & fucks the mechanisms

@f0x I bought a Jupiter 3 but it’s unusable because you just can’t shift the focus ring without also unscrewing the screw mount… bayonet mounts were a good idea


My catnip is Canon FD.

70-210 f4 is excellent, the only problem with mine -- there's a small scratch on front element so there are some interesting effects when I shoot birds at full zoom.

Purple halos on the prime lenses are pretty bad though.

I also discovered that 28mm on a converter in my system becomes 40mm, and 40mm focal length is ideal for pretty much everything.

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