Light rail broke down again. I can only assume there was an entire leaf on the rails

Imagine,,, urban mass transit,,, but the whole system doesn’t break down twice weekly

@s0 The section without overhead power absolutely just can not deal with more than a light shower. It's a bit farcical tbh.
@futzle @s0 I was briefly worried there was an electric car wedged under it. :(

@futzle @s0 British Rail/Network Rail (soon to be “Great British Railways” thanks to Boris & Friends) has a fleet of trains just for dealing with leaves on the line - rail scrubbers and “sandite” applicators.

@s0 @futzle it’s a propriety mix of adhesive, sand and metal dust that is applied to the rails (the metal dust is to make the mixture conductive enough for track circuits to still operate)

@ThermiteBeGiants @futzle oh yeah, false negatives on track circuits is not so good hey

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