Thinking about her luscious curves…, they just don’t make ‘em the same these days…

@maris @s0 there is! (or are?)

what I really want tho is routing through polar coordinates, I make too many circular pcbs and it'd be so much cleaner :>

@maris @s0 there is beatports I think? It's a hard way to layout PCBs tho

@x44203 it doesn't do curves unless you do a poly pour

And honestly, I'd just ask for a chamfering 90 degree corners option instead of curves for rf

@s0 Sometimes differential pairs look like that. Especially if its a serial link, routed really sloppily.

@x44203 I want the *organic* curves. No two traces the same shape or length. No perfect arcs. Just juicy hand-drawn photoresists with their chunky Art Deco pours and meandering signals. That’s goooood shit.

@s0 Get a drawing pad with pressure sensitivity (the cheap-ish Wacom ones) and use Inkscape xD (and some tool to convert that to Gerbers)

@s0 Or literally a thick marker on transparent film (or directly on the PCB) xD

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