After I talked to my family about being autistic my dad realised he is too. And recently when it’s just us together he’ll quietly share little bits of his interests with me the way I do, and especially special interests we have in common, and it warms my heart so fucking much


I’ve infodumped to him a fair bit about aerospace accidents (one of my interests) and today he came and said he’s watched some of the documentaries too and shared some that he thought were fascinating and we compared thoughts on them and it was such a happy experience

It’s a healing thing to when we’ve both grown up having to teach ourselves to suppress that gleeful infodumping to not annoy other people around us.

@s0 this is so wholesome ❤️ I've heard of parents becoming aware of their own neurotypes after their children's diagnoses, and it's wonderful that it helps them understand themselves better and be more comfortable even later in life.

past negative mh, description of something bordering on abuse? 

@s0 fuck

I forgot how much it hurt to have gleeful infodumping aggressively shut down as "endless babble about nothing" until just now :(

re: past negative mh, description of something bordering on abuse? 

@s0 tbh this is why I buried myself so hard into IRC and forums as a teen, and why all of my friends are ones I met in those places

finally, people that didn't see the shit I was interested in as "nothing", and where it wasn't just a one-sided infodump but an actual conversation
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