has anyone used this or something similar? i think itd help me with collage and zine making


@wenotfreeyet I'm assuming you're aware that the thermal prints will fade over a few years -- they're not a stable storage format.

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@s0 i wasn’t aware of that so thank you for sharing. i dont really plan to use it for long term projects, just some of the things i’d like to print for collaging and stuff feels like its a waste on a regular printer is all.

@wenotfreeyet @s0 They also get messed up by being left in the heat or just by friction. You can test it on any receipt from a store.

If you wanna print at low power, you want a dot matrix printer. It's old tech but super reliable and doesn't need to warm up like a laser printer.
src: There was a good article comparing printing technologies on a site like Low Tech Mag but I can't find it right now.

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