Damn I wanna be in a choir with other trans people. I miss singing but I don’t miss the constant misgendering when I tried to join one


The irony is a significant proportion of the people I’ve known from my choirs growing up have turned out trans

@s0 a transgender choir is an AWESOME idea. Gender neutral assignment of vocal parts? Yes please.

@ljwrites I'm even friends with an amazing queer choral conductor my age but she's at uni in another city doing her masters in classical voice being all brilliant :///

@s0 awww :( could she recommend anyone queer/queer friendly in your area?

@ljwrites yeah it's on my mind for sometime when choirs aren't flat-out cancelled due to covid

@ljwrites I just mistyped that as 'quoirs' and I think I've found our name

@ljwrites @s0 I was in a small trans choir a few years ago. It was short-lived, but I met several good friends there. One of them is even my partner's wife now! <3

11/10, amazing experience, do recommend.

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