Any suggestions of shows/channels to watch that are good to have on in the background while low-pressure working?

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@s0 I find Abom79 to be great as background while working.

@pelagikat good idea. If you like him you might also enjoy dragonfly engineering. Guy runs a small CNC robot arm and injection moulding fab place and DIYs a ton of cool stuff. His wife also helps with programming

@s0 Oh another, very different suggestion might be Journey to the Microcosomos.

@s0 a bear live stream maybe? The sounds of the water are pretty relaxing and there's bears

@s0 critical role ! I watch at all times even while working on my laptop ^

@s0 I'm using the reboot of Fantasy Island for that, if that's available. It's not actually good, and would not reward actual attention, but it trips my nostalgia triggers.

@s0 And improves on the original in several ways: ample POC and WOC rep, queer rep, something supernatural in the serial arc.

@s0 check out Peter Draws on YouTube.

He's like a hilarious Bob Ross, but with pens, and doesn't really teach the how, just talks about what he's thinking and reviews pens.

And he actually makes the ads interesting.

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