What should I use this mil-style Cannon 20-27 connector for? 14 pins, rating maybe 3A each pin.

Can I get a gigabit Ethernet connection to work over this

@s0 @maris As long as the other pins don't carry some super noisy wide band stuff like square wave or PWM, I'd expect that to work A-OK.

@tbr @maris don't be silly! they're carrying a perfectly smooth 415V 3phase supply :)

@s0 @maris How böring!
Also trivial in case you do run into issues: common-mode suppression chokes on both sides somewhere and off you go!

@tbr @maris releasing PoE~: 1000W via 415V 3phase over Cat6 with gigabit.

@s0 @tbr use this one cable to power your datacenter oh and also theres ethernet on there have fun

@tbr @s0 @maris Oh, I want one, to power an auto-rotating garden sprinkler!

@geert @s0 @maris There's a synchrotron attachment for that. It sprinkles everything around it with electrons.

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