@RussSharek @avalon I also have some promising suggestions in the X logs that uninstalling the 'amdgpu' driver and installing the 'radeon' one and a linux firmware package seems to have it talking to the graphics card -- I found the relevant error and it's that the card is too old for the main amdgpu driver currently

@s0 @avalon

Sounds like a lot of progress happened since I last saw it.


@RussSharek @avalon this toot coming to you from celebdil :blobcat_owo:​ please note also the graphics adapter reported by neofetch :blobcat_thinkingcool:

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@RussSharek @avalon discovered that the 'xf86-amdgpu' drivers only support V3.0+ of the AMD protocol thingo, and this card is on 2.50. But a bit of search showed that the xf86-radeon driver is for the older ones like that, so I removed and replaced the drivers, and crucially installed linux-firmware-radeon and straight away that sorted it out.

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