@RussSharek @avalon finally sorted out X11VNC launching at boot and working correctly, including key remap for the Mac screen sharing passing the command key weirdly


@RussSharek @avalon this means finally I get my desk space back as the alpine machine can go live in my server rack now

Previous thread for anyone curious what I’m doing cathode.church/@s0/10703542437

I’m looking at moving to linux full time and decided to slowly set up & tweak a machine with alpine linux and see how I go, rather than trying to switch cold turkey

And yes, of course, I hooked it up with the CANNON CA17-20-CAT6 military-grade-ridiculous patch lead cathode.church/@s0/10702072146

@RussSharek @avalon Debian time with a lovely 800*600 fallback graphics environment

@RussSharek @avalon it doesn’t yet quite. I’m on attempted install #3 now, bootloader shenanigans of course

@RussSharek @avalon on the third run the live disk suddenly decided to properly detect the 1080p monitor though, so that’s nice

@s0 @avalon

I was told once by an old, wise greybeard that I would install Debian three times before I got it right, and it's never not been true of any os install I've done since.

I'm hoping you haven't caught my curse...

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