(For Australian technical folks) do you reckon it’s legal to use a custom PAT/Test n’ Tagger if it’s passed accredited calibration? a project worming its way into my brain is an Open Sourcw Hardware Portable Appliance Tester.
Mostly because I’ve used a bunch of em and not only are they pricy as hell, they’re un-ergonomic and have terrible user experience.

Oh damn this would definitely require a whole bunch of analogue design work though. Unless I can find suitable drop-in modules to measure leakage current and stuff, hmm.

@s0 aren’t PATs certified on a homologation basis (get one certified and then the whole identical run is certified)? That kind-of runs counter to open-source designs

@ThermiteBeGiants seems like then it would depend on how you could argue an identical run. But yeah probably… I was thinking about the individual calibration of them but hadn’t really considered that first you’ve got to get it certified

@s0 I think you could make an open-source design, get a bunch produced and then get them certified with the software/firmware onboard etc. But you’d have to get software updates certified probably?

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