alexithymia, autistic feels 

Me a year ago to my therapist: “no I don’t identify with alexithymia really, I think I’m quite good at knowing my emotions”
Me today: “why am I feeling so. So, misc. indistinct malaise. Upside-down question mark the emotion. Boolean of feelings is set to 1.”

re: alexithymia, autistic feels 

I have identified a cause of the Misc Bad. People outside insist on making lots of whacking noises putting up scaffolding. I am not a Fan

re: alexithymia, autistic feels 


Boolean of feelings is set to 1.

I have to admit that I can relate to this a lot. I thought I knew my emotions, until I had to name them, identify them. Feeling overwhelmed by them without even knowing if they were good or bad.

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