Want to follow Comrade (my 3D printer) doing her first 15 hour print overnight?
Do message me if it goes to shit :blobcat_smilesweat:

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aw damn, the Z probe dropped and got stuck in the print, and so it lost steps on a stepper. Too bad, I'll have to do it again when I can supervise more closely, and maybe do something to prevent the probe activating spuriously.

Starting to think the probe might be more trouble than it’s worth, at least for permanent use. Might try a few prints with just regular 5-point levelling instead. Or I could get an inductive probe now I’m using a steel bed plate…

Ok I bought a Superpinda because it seems to be nice and legit and going for the ‘generic’ version didn’t work out so well for me with the ‘3DTouch’ probe.

@s0 "Comrade! Comrade, do not give into the violence of global capitalism!! Rally yourself!"

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