house building  

The frames started to go up today. Site supervisor is of the opinion we'll be finalising the electrical plan end of next week.

This is much much faster than I was expecting! I wanted to talk to a smart home installer and get a quote to completely rework the electrical and data cabling. But I doubt I'll have time. Maybe the best I can do is make sure that the wall cabling is in conduit for easier replacement later.

Even without that there's a bunch I want to change though. Ethernet in the roof for cameras and wifi. Make sure there's a real rack and patch panel in the cupboard. Run the nbn and antenna cable to the rack as well. Maybe I'll fuck around and ask about running fibre between the house and the shed. They thought I was weird with all of my extra data ports. They're going to outright hate me soon.

house building 

@stibbons tbh these days I'd just put in conduit everywhere and run the stuff yourself later for data. Putting in wallplates for data isn't hard if you've got a CAT6 crimper


house building 

@ThermiteBeGiants @stibbons don’t even need to crimp them, you can just use a punch-down tool with the blocks (though crimped connectors are nicer probably).

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