@mike I think I will be deleting my LinkedIn. I can't think of a genuine benefit it's ever given me.

@s0 actually I had an account a looong time ago because a friend invited me and kept tagging as having some skill.

Every day or two I'd get an email, I'd log in, acknowledge that some friend had tagged me for something and close it.

So I turned off all emails. Ages later I remembered it was there, logged in saw a backlog of pointless crap, deleted my account.

This also deleted my "don't email me" preference, so the next day I started getting mailed again about how my friends had tagged me ...

@mike lol I worked out why I wasn't getting emails. I had dropped the email alias I'd only used there from receivability so they've been being rejected by my mail host for who knows how long :blobcat_extremejoy:

@s0 @mike It's actually been SUPER helpful for my wife getting jobs. For mine, I haven't logged into it since I started at my current company twelve years ago, and I actually _can't_ get into it anymore because the reset password functionality doesn't work, lol.

@virtualwolf @s0 every time I hear about sometime saying it's got them a job, I wonder if it's like the story of the magic rock that keeps crocodiles away.

Sure maybe LinkedIn was where you saw a particular job, but would you really not have ended up with it anyway if it wasn't there?

@s0 @virtualwolf all I'm saying is that I've got 100% more jobs via the fedi than via LinkedIn so maybe if people really want to improve their prospects, they need to be here. 😁

@mike @s0 @virtualwolf I have a LinkedIn, my media adviser logs in there occasionally and posts things for me. Although actually I’m gonna log in there right now and post links to a couple of job ads, I’m hiring and the thing closes this week.

@mike @s0 Fair point, but in this case it's less the job itself and more the endorsements/references. :)

@s0 @mike I had one but I deleted it and nothing of value was lost.

@s0 I ask myself this every time I get Yet another Email. And then I ask my friends, in my head, why they update LinkedIn

@s0 If it’s any help: I deleted my account many years ago and did not miss it one single day.

@s0 Deleted mine ten years ago when all it contained were coworkers who kept tagging me as having skills I never did have, and complete strangers who Wanted To Add Me To Their Professional Network. Haven’t missed it one bit.

@s0 get a comedy one because it's a comedy site.
Personally I only accept endorsements for D&D stats.
I'm pretty sure even recruiters are there ironically.

@moopet I do love the idea of being endorsed for thaumaturgy and intimidation

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