It's been a bit of time, but I finally designed & routed the PCB for the control module of the project! I still need to confirm and order parts but then I should be ready to order PCBs for both and get to assembling and programming.
I've placed all components only on the top to allow for fitting a lithium cell behind it, and placed 2 battery connectors in parallel to allow for a cell either side if that fits better on the headband.

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@s0 what’s your method for soldering the surface mount? do you do that with like, iron and fine tip, or hot plate or hot air or…?

@june so far all my SMD projects have been done with hot air gun and manually-applied solder paste with touchups with fine-tip soldering iron.
This project is too small (0603s, TSSOPs) for me to be confident in such an approach, so I'm planning to use solder paste with a stencil, and the SMD oven at the makerspace.

@june this PCB is less cramped for parts and realistically could have used 0805 but the mic module is a tight fit with components on both sides, which will be interesting

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