I have never been a car person but recently I am in love with tiny white vans. Suzuki Every my beloved 😌

I think I could replace the engine with an electric bike motor and get similar performance. Thing would blow over in a light breeze.
Apparently the handling is literally worse than a city bus :blobcat_uwucry:

I blame Alexander McCall Smith for planting this idea in my head through Mma Ramotswe.


Look at this 1990 baby. You wouldn’t be mean to someone in this car. It looks like it rolls onto its side to go to sleep. It would be at home in a ghibli movie. It’s held together with gaffer tape and love.

I really do see any mechanical/electronic device that’s older than I am and the autistic machine empathy kicks in hard

@s0 I would love to turn one into a mobile tiny home. I'd put in frilly lacy curtains and a fireplace and chimney somehow.

@s0 Oh, oh, my parents had the Ford version of this van in red when I was a kid.

@s0 on it's side, snoring gently while snuggling a plush version of the exact same van

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