The great thing about installing your drives like this is that the IO error counter becomes a handy seismometer


Hm what fan to install. So many choices. Some would say too many

New loft conversion PC. VST tape as SSD mounting method because life is short

NB I was not actually able to change the fans preventatively because they’re weird sizes (92*20, 50*20). Might order noctua replacements…

Might fuck around and actually make an EFI partition this time.

hacker voice I'm in and now actually using UEFI lol

@s0 there had better be a label on that container that says "only fans".

@mike fuck I can’t believe I missed this. Thank god I’m mutuals with a comedian

@mike @s0 Unrelated (or is it?) did someone already start an onlyfans which only shows images of fans?

@jens last time I looked for it, I couldn't find it anymore, but I have seen a page named 'only fans' which showed a restoration of an old metal desk fan. I don't think it was an actual
OnlyFans account though, but it's been quite a while so I've forgotten the details.
@mike @s0

@s0 I have absolutely taped SSDs to the inside of cases on several occasions and feel no shame whatsoever. Bless this case and all who sail in her.

@mike this roll of VST double sided foam tape is the best single adhesive product I’ve ever owned. I got it for a few bucks at reverse garbage and it sticks to anything almost unbelievably well, and if you do yank it off, it never splits down the middle like other foam tapes.

@s0 I swear by the pink Tarzan's Grip stuff. It has amazing hold but if you're determined and really go for it with a sharp blade underneath, the removal is completely clean.

Used it to attach a phone case to my bike handlebars once. Did not budge in transit at all.

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