fortunately the datacentre where cathode church is hosted is near to me so I can post at myself with zero downtime


genuinely tho very weird outage I'm having. affecting certain sites in various places but not others? weird

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Can reach: debian mirrors in countries on every continent, google, cloudflare
Can't reach: fastmail, ali express, netflix,

@RileyStarlight more annoyingly I cannot reach right when I wanted to buy some fans

@yrabbit honestly I'm thinking some big player fucked the BGP routes again. I can resolve DNS fine.

@s0 @yrabbit Smells like BGP, yeah. Any difference between IPv4 and IPv6 routes?

@s0 at a guess, something like akami or Cloudflare did an oopsie.

Crowd sourced outage platforms indicate seemingly random services affected - (one bank affected, the other not) and its not limited to one sector.

Maybe Cloudflare broke something again after yesterday?

@c24h29clo4 I thought so, but then fastmail doesn't use any third party load balancer afaict, and cloudflare doesn't seem to have any reported issues. and ali express. weeeird

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