Needed a low pass filter for the dual passive subwoofers in the workshop sound system at work. Didn’t have a spare enclosure handy, so…

@s0 reminds me of Adam Savage answering a question about "how do I learn to build things?" with "cardboard. you can do anything with cardboard."

@mike he and I agree on many points. One great thing from having an architect for a father, and an early stimulant of my making-brain was seeing paper, foamcore and card models in his office at home and at work, and building ones with him

@mike I can think of half a dozen recent projects that I’ve mocked up in cardboard and masking tape, including my solder fume extractor. At the moment I’m just thinking about converting my portable aircon to a 2-hose unit (much more efficient but stupidly against regulations to sell here) using cardboard and tape.

@s0 that sounds great. I really regret that my life didn't intersect much with my grandfather who was a carpenter.

If he'd been a little younger when I'd been a little older ... so much I feel I could have soaked up, but I just missed it.

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