So should I schmooze the helpdesk team at work into letting me take home a stack of old (~7 years) laptops to give away for free? Seems like something there’ll be demand for.

I ran out of time today but will get my colleague to make sure they don’t get chucked while I’m away. I may need to find sata M2 drives to go in them depending if the data destruction policy extends as far as physically destroying SSDs or if wiping is fine.

@s0 Oh, 100% yes. If someone asked me that, I'd support it wholeheartedly.

I mean, we're not that old as an organisation, but if we were...

@s0 Yes! Those can still have many useful years instead of becoming e-waste now or whenever the space they're occupying becomes needed.

@s0 Fo sho. We have a graveyard of old computer stuff at work. It collects for a while until we do a batch recycle dump.

Stuff is otherwise just taking up space, so anyone asking for some parts would be thanked for reducing the pile.

@drmast public sector org = a lot of tricky rules about getting any personal benefit from work equipment to prevent corruption.
So it’s a balancing act of “ask enough that nobody is angry but not so much that someone has to tell you no for dumb corporate reasons”

@s0 you're probably right about the legality being questionable but I know someone who works for a university who is often asked to take old stuff home because otherwise they have to *pay* for surplus to come pick it up. so de facto I think it's very much encouraged

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