Show photos from the production of Romeo & Juliet on which I was lighting designer. Really pleased with these (though exposure is a bit low).
Photography by Kate Williams

And some more, now from the final act of the tragedy. The photos are certainly different to how it looked in real life, but still strongly evocative.

Also a note to anyone looking — do read the image descriptions if you want to know something of what I was trying to evoke with the lighting in each scene shown.

@ljwrites in this production, she practically was! Bron (the actress) is truly brilliant, and brought such enormous character, backstory, and feeling to it. She is one of the most interesting adult characters in the play, as a working-class woman, trapped between her station and genuinely trying to help Juliet to survive and be happy — far more so than Juliet’s own mother.

@s0 yeah I def got the feeling Nurse was way more Juliet's mother than her biological mother, I'm happy there are adaptations that give her the development she deserves!

@ljwrites this one also did a lot with the “raise where you will” scene, where lord capulet threatens to throw Juliet out unless she marries Paris. Where many adaptations shorten this or play it stiffly upper class and lacking in any emotion, because it contrasts and contradicts lord capulet’s behaviour and words earlier on, this adaptation really leant into it strongly. The scene became a violent and frightening example of familial abuse, with lady capulet diving to protect Juliet with her body from her father. And then it used that scene to fuel the smaller scenes between her parents, portraying a glimpse of a bitter, abusive marriage, where lady capulet is so stifled that she doesn’t know how to relate to her daughter at all, and giving up on Juliet having a life any different to her own by the end.

@s0 ngl the picture immediately reminded me of the Baz Luhrmann Romeo + Juliet adaptation, though Lady Capulet didn't intervene in that version. I like that the supporting female characters, even Lady Capulet who isn't the easiest to be sympathetic to, are full characters with backgrounds and arcs.

@futzle *cough cough* I swear there were other tones used. But it was something of a motif, uniting the theme of dreams in Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech, with the whirlwind love of Romeo and Juliet.

@s0 incredible stuff. clearly some good acting, but the lighting really builds the mood and allows them to shine ('scuse the pun). well done you!

@s0 this whole production looks gorgeous. The atmosphere from the lighting is amazing.

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