My friend: "When designing a PCB, it is customary to leave an extra socket empty for the prophet Elijah. Here they went a bit overboard"

I’m calling it a night but I’ve made good progress today! (Amongst getting many other things done.)
Logo on the printer has been corrected for @uint8_t :blobcat_giggle: :lesbian_flag:

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Oh hell yeahhhhh, the new direct-drive extruder, hotend and cooling fans arrived today as well! so I can attach them directly instead of assembling with the crap standard one first

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Heck yea, new 3D printer has arrived! I’ll assemble it on jitsi in an hour or so :blobcat_starstruck:
[image cw: selfie with eye contact]

Partner pointed out that when I put my headphones around my neck it looks like my lil fennec necklace is listening to music

Left the house in a bit of a rush and got on the bus then realised I left my rainbow flag maille bracelet at home. Immediately I worried “shit, how will everyone instantly know I’m gay??” before remembering the rest of my clothing

Woohoo, it’s working great! Finally, fume extraction I’m fairly happy with!

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The case for the brushless ESC for my fume extractor is coming together, just the bottom panel to go. It will mount upside compared to how it’s shown here, screwed into the underside of a shelf with the two flanges.

Apologies I neglected to post a shelfie after finishing.
Can recommend the Bror shelves they are very sturdy for the price.

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Just replaced the battery on my Lenovo R400 laptop with a new one without having to undo even a single screw and remembering the modular computing future we could have had

Here’s a video showing transition from normal candle flicker and how it looks on my face, to creepy magical flicker, to being ‘blown out’
[video cw: strong eye contact]

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Ok I’m super excited for the show I’m designing soon that’s going to have an actor wearing a crown/headpiece with ‘candle flames’ made with these addressable LEDs controlled by an ESP32 with WLED, receiving sACN DMX from my lighting console.

With the help of the scripts (a bit rough around the edges but pretty functional), I was able to install and run Fusion 360 with very good performance and only very minor issues on Debian 11 with wine! Hence former 'wahoo'-ing.
@RussSharek @avalon

attention @ljwrites the Purple Evangelist: the Premiere Purple Print Proceeds Apace.

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And yes, of course, I hooked it up with the CANNON CA17-20-CAT6 military-grade-ridiculous patch lead

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