So it turns out I had the wifi connection configured already, and the software on my laptop & phone...

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Did I tell you all about yesterday’s tragedy :blobcat_bigsob:
Brand new labelmaker, I hardly knew thee :blobcat_reachsob:

This evening, as a test, I managed to use various bits and bobs to position one monitor in a similar spot to what I imagine would be best, though it’s higher as the stand won’t drop any further. The one on the left could be kept there, placed beside the other above the console, or rotated to vertical on the side there — I’d like to try that option but the stand doesn’t rotate.

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Here's version 3 of the bucks & jigs for forming my leatherman holster. The dark shape is the blank sheet that's bent into the holster. There's a jig underneath, a buck that flips over to do double duty, two parts to form the fold of the belt loop to meet the back of the main body. Then there'll be a copper rivet to hold it closed.

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Gonna get this embroidered in “live love laugh” style

@ThermiteBeGiants meant to show you this from a week ago at Central. One of the LRVs not connected to its other half, with the panelling on one car removed to show the chassis. Wonder what happened...
Also the little truck to pull it home

Last night’s makerspace project was a laser cut insert to organise my portable soldering kit with Pinecil and SuperTank USB-C battery.

I totally forgot I ordered stickers from @anaisfae so today I got a lovely surprise in the mail! Cute fennecs!!

A sudden cold front has made for a quick reminder that I do not handle feeling cold well.
[image cw: eye contact]

You have got to admire Decimator’s dedication to a colour scheme.

Tonight’s : bending a second prototype of my leatherman holster with the three-piece jig I 3D printed. Dimensions need adjustment and it doesn’t take into account the new fold-over belt-loop design I’m working on but it’s a good go!
I also made the decision to try using a wide copper rivet & burr to fasten the folded-over belt flap to the body, which I think will add a pleasant visual flair.

I preprinted all the labels I’ll need for the subsequent racks as well

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So I made a cardboard-and-blutack prototype of the followspot reflex sight with heads-up display idea that I’ve been thinking of, with a very nice beamsplitter cube loaned from my makerspace friend. Too bad they’re quite expensive — might not be so practical to use one in the end (rather than a semi-silvered mirror), but they’re so nifty.

Just installed a little 1m light strip on the headboard of my bed to provide a brighter bounce-source in my room without needing to turn on the ceiling light. I may put the same soft pink gel on it as I have on my bedside lamp, we’ll see.

Obligatory additions of leather jacket, sunglasses and moise-cancelling headphones because I’m autistic as well as handsome butch lol
Also yes I really need another bag

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Tell me I’m handsome (in an explicitly trans lesbian butch way not like a man)
[cw eye contact in selfie]

Also featuring disposal of this comms matrix that has caused nothing but strife for several years but is finally obsolete [warning for loud bang noises in video]

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