Partway done assembling my workbench in the new study. It’s gonna be so nice not having it crammed in the bedroom :blobcat_nwn:

Afternoon: pleasant.
Hair: frazzled.
Heart: go zoom.
Tea: steeping.
[image cw: selfie with eye contact]

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End of day five of cable-making and boy my hands are sore.
[image cw: selfie eye contact]

Tonight I’ve replaced the TinyPICO ESP32 module with a WT32-ETH1 ESP32 module which has 100Mb Ethernet onboard! So I can run the 4 strings of LEDs pixel-for-pixel via much more reliable Ethernet DMX control.

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So I tried out @Iridaceae’s fake septum piercing and it looks pretty cute, maybe I’ll get one and wear it more often?
[image cw: selfie eye contact]

Took me a while but I stitched my fennec cross-stitch by @Iridaceae onto my bag tonight! Last night I spent hours first unpicking the branding that was in the way.

Today’s project: a TinyPICO ESP32 board box with 4 outputs of wirelessly-controlled pixel string. I’m missing one GX16-4 panel connector though.

Look at the super cute cross-stitch fennec @Iridaceae made for mee!!! Based on a sketch by Bev Johnson. Gonna stitch it onto my backpack soon.

Making some progress on my lighting pelican case.
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X, 24V1A Passive POE supply, and UniFi AP-AC-LR all in their approximate places. (Edgerouter is under the POE supply but might be tipped up vertical.)
The PSU in the bottom left is a recycled 15V 1.5A one that will be used for the 4-universe DMX node (DMXKing Pro DIN), which will fit in the gap to its right.
The foam segments hold the legs for the upper panel with connectors (see prev toot).

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Thinking about her luscious curves…, they just don’t make ‘em the same these days…

I couldn’t resist saving one of the primary transformers though

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Vale to this pair of Telex amplifiers so old that they came with the full schematic attached to the inside of the cover :blobcat_oh:

iBook G3 spotted packed away in a cupboard at my parents’. This was one of my early computers, I used it when I was 10-12

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