Aw hell yes, it’s working. Listening to my music over Pirate FM :blobcat_headphones: :blobcat_pirate: :blobcat_thinkingcool:

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Finally had some success broadcasting FM with my LimeSDR, albeit just a sine wave. Working on getting WAV output, and system sound device, and then I’ll have a true pirate radio station!

Egregious rainbow capitalism, swearing 

Well guess what, fuckers, I'm proud of not being a bootlicking bandwagon-jumping sack of capitalist pigshit, so why don't you go cast your libertarian nuts in concrete and jump in the harbour.

Hmm, who can I prank with this “Ethernet” cable I found :blobcat_tihihi:

Here's my new composition, Tetrode! I spent all evening on it, and would love to get constructive feedback :blobcat_headphones:

Wahoo! Vertical monitor mount works great! Just need a new bit of aluminium tube as hinge pin as I bent the first one.

I gotta admit I’d never seen an Ethernet Wedge connector (?) until now. Crimping up adapter leads for old patch panels.

Have I shown y’all my handmade gay stim bracelet because I wear it everyday, it’s neat, it’s gay, and it helps me when I’m getting overloaded.


@ljwrites you just reminded me about this Ssamjang that I had, I’ve got to cook up a stir fry with it soon :blobcat_nomcookie:

Hey I’m a cutie and it’s a lovely day 🌻
[image cw: selfie with eye contact]

food (vego), selfie, no eye contact, smooches 

Valentine’s Day pancakes with my sweetheart :blobcat_snuggle: :blobcat_inlove:

Hella internal supports to get this internal trapezoidal thread to work, hope they come out ok.

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Here's my design for the portable monitor mount & hinge to attach to the upright support of my workbench (see picture in previous toot). I love having such a sturdy, well-designed and modifiable centre to my workspace.

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Wait this is definitely better, I’m decided. Gonna engineer a clamp to mount this small monitor sideways off the column to the right, with a hinge so I can change the angle

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