Apologies to Cathode Church users who've encountered issues uploading video and audio files -- ffmpeg is not working properly atm and I am fixing that now -- there may be a short downtime of a minute or two.

Today I made new SSH keys using FIDO 2F key authentication as supported in OpenSSH 8.2+ instead of passphrases.
I also made a one-liner script to select the correct keyfile based on the name of the FIDO key, because currently there's no way to automatically select whichever key is connected.

Managed to get my personal matrix server up and running from docker, which is neat. Federation isn’t working yet but I can work on that

Very glad I went through the extra work of setting up custom object storage for cathode church's media storage because it really does grow steadily, even on a small instance, as shown by this graph. If this was local storage I would only have about 2 months until my disk was full. Instead it can't get full and currently costs 10c a month extra.

just merged tootsuite 3.3.0 release into head of tree of glitch-soc with no conflicts and no issues I can see

I accidentally broke the route to the object store host when I put the static IPv4 info in because OVH refuses to actually tell you the netmask you have; you have to divine it using a crystal ball.

I actually disabled cloud-init networking, fixed netplan with static IPv4 and IPv6 and DNS works now so hopefully 🤞 🤞 I don't have to fuck around with @phosphor's network config again for a while

I have decided I will migrate Cathode Church to glitch-soc as soon as 3.3.0-release is merged in. I thought I wanted to stick closer to regular source with hometown but glitch-soc is clearly well-maintained and documented.

it has been approx. 12 hours since I have broken @phosphor so it’s clearly time for me to sort out updating to 3.3.0 release

brb making it so blobcats are mandatory. At least one in Every Toot :blobcat_hyperthink:

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