Woo, long evening of laser-cutting and cementing acrylic and the enclosures I designed for this project are ready for installation on Monday!
One of the next problems to solve is getting stiff flat flex cables to run neatly inside the frames. I’m thinking maybe a hair straightener to help press sharp folds into them? We have spares so I think I’ll try it out.

It's been a bit of time, but I finally designed & routed the PCB for the control module of the project! I still need to confirm and order parts but then I should be ready to order PCBs for both and get to assembling and programming.
I've placed all components only on the top to allow for fitting a lithium cell behind it, and placed 2 battery connectors in parallel to allow for a cell either side if that fits better on the headband.

Freelance project I’m working on atm is an installation piece with 3 huge bare LCD panels suspended in a space and lit from behind, showing a constantly changing NN-generated animation of stained glass windows with live composed music. It’s one of the more original and interesting projects I’ve worked on.
Here you can see one of the panels displaying video over the fibre HDMI link and custom power harness I’ve designed.

Comrade the 3D printer has a new 7” touchscreen to control it via KlipperScreen. It’s a great project, I can definitely recommend! More functionality than I expected built in to the interface. Printed a little bracket with magnets to mount it over the stock touchscreen which doesn’t work under klipper.

Tonight's work -- minimal changes to schematic, just repurposed the unused opamp as a buffer for the 1.25V reference, thanks to @RileyStarlight.
Got it all routed without much difficulty -- 4 layers really is nice! One lovely untouched ground plane and 3 signal layers.

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Progress is being made on the . Spent several hours researching, simulating, checking and tweaking the analogue section. Thanks a bunch to all the fedi pals who had great advice for me.
Had to add several passives to hopefully make it work right, but managed to still squeeze them all in on the 25*30mm PCB. Tomorrow I might make a first pass on routing...

What could it be??? Apart from a rats' nest...
( @starless you may be interested for 100% coincidental reasons...)

Tonight’s makerspace project: a rack to store spray cans in. Currently they’re sort of tossed in a box and I’m sick of it. This is designed to fit perfectly under my ikea Bror bench.

Mine wasn’t working for a while, but I finally got to examine it and the ECAD files more closely… and discovered that there was a whole tab of the DRC window I’d missed! Grrr! So it turns out I had a missed airwire. One purple bodge wire later, and it’s working beautifully :blobcat_nwn: I can listen to chargers and various electronics now…

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Quick prototype-quality print of the case done, and it fits pretty well! Only a few modifications to make. I also drilled a hole so I can access the pre-gain pot on this one while it’s closed. In an hour or two I’ll take it out with me on the train to test it!
I’ve powered it up and checked with headphones and gotten hiss of noise which is what I’d expect.

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Made good progress tonight on designing the case for the hearing loop receiver. Being able to export the 3D file from KiCad and import into Fusion is super nifty, even if a few important parts (volume potentiometer & 3.5mm socket) didn't have 3D models on there.

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Yesterday I designed a miniaturised version of a hearing aid loop receiver circuit published in a local electronics magazine twelve years ago. I’m ordering it with SMT assembly from JLC, I’m hoping I can have one ready to go in only a few weeks to help my grandpa before he can get hearing aids fitted. I also think it’ll be nifty for listening to inductive audio stuff.
Fingers crossed I didn’t make any design errors, lol.

My Ollie USB to UART/RS232/RS485/CAN/isolator arrived! Now I can retire the dodgy FTDI breakouts I’ve been using for years.

Replaced the board with one using an external antenna finally, and it’s working! Lots of juicy data to graph :blobcat_starstruck: :crt_prompt:
(Those spikes are testing with the oven and microwave respectively, haha)

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Hey look, I must be on the mend because I actually did a project nearly start-to-finish today!
Here is my ESPHome Power Meter. It has a HiLink micro 5VDC 0.6W SMPS, a PZEM-004Tv3 AC monitoring module, which talks over isolated UART to an ESP8266 board. The ESP connects to ESPHome and the Home Assistant API.

The tiltwheel is going well!! I need to do some more long prints of the enclosures at each end, this time with ribs to prevent bending. The one I did already cracked along one side much more easily than I had hoped.

Tonight I finally got the new fan shroud & probe holder printed and was able to mount my new inductive Z-probe on Comrade to replace the 3D-Touch that was failing regularly.
The inductive probe only requires 3 pins, not having a servo control, so I just attached it to the existing header for the servo-triggered probe, with a little rearranging of pins on the connector.

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