Finally had some success broadcasting FM with my LimeSDR, albeit just a sine wave. Working on getting WAV output, and system sound device, and then I’ll have a true pirate radio station!

Wahoo! Vertical monitor mount works great! Just need a new bit of aluminium tube as hinge pin as I bent the first one.

Have I shown y’all my handmade gay stim bracelet because I wear it everyday, it’s neat, it’s gay, and it helps me when I’m getting overloaded.

Hmm I think I need to make a moisture-proof filament feed-box for my 3D printer. Just finished a roll and started a new one and heck the finish is a *lot* nicer on a roll of PETG that is freshly desiccated, barely any oozing.

Here's my design for the portable monitor mount & hinge to attach to the upright support of my workbench (see picture in previous toot). I love having such a sturdy, well-designed and modifiable centre to my workspace.

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Here is photo of the inside of the brand box! The varnish is still drying but I’m super happy. The velour is recycled from an old theatrical border. How nice does it look?

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I spent a 10 hour day at the makerspace, made great progress on the brand box (lined with velour, assembled, glued, varnished, just needs to dry!).
Also laser cut the parts for my new fume extractor. Long productive day! Pictures might have to wait for tomorrow tho.

Whoops stayed up to 2am designing a twist-lock connector and mounting system for my new DIY fume extractor.
For real though, I'm very proud of this design for being both simple to laser cut and construct mechanically, while durable and adjustable. The internal threading of the twist-lock connector allows dialing in the pressure that holds the end of the pipe to the impeller's rubber gasket, but also repeatability and good mechanical connection with quick disconnecting after locking it on with some sealant.
I am proud of my intuitive engineering brain :blobcat_nwn:

Hooray! 2nd go at making the laser cut acrylic connector panel for my sACN wifi pelican case worked great! I’m very happy with it. Still have to work out exactly how to securely mount the electronics inside.

Hooray, new confirmed-legit keyboard for friend's laptop whose keyboard I ended up breaking while repairing the trackpad works great, and is an upgrade to backlit version! Now to get a refund from the seller of the counterfeit one with the flex cable that was 2mm too short.

Spent two hours this morning attempting to resuscitate my dad’s Sekonic light meter that had severe battery incontinence issues. Sadly even after careful scrubbing with dilute vinegar, application of much flux, reflowing and replacement of some buttons, it seems dead-ish. Current consumption jumps when powered on, but the display remains blank. There’s a transformer on the board that seems to have both windings open circuit which I don’t think is important (seems part of isolation of the external sync signal) but I’m not sure what else is likely to be the issue. Probing the power rails through the circuit showed that it powers up and starts the 1.2V regulated rail just fine, so I’m wondering if the leak caused the MCU to be toasted. :blobcat_oh:

Making up a BOM of my DIY OneWheel project for a friend who wants to make their own off my design too. Gonna find out how much I've actually spent on it :blobcat_sweats:
I'd better hurry up and finish it too!

I was in a rush to finish and laser cut the parts for my pelican case connector panel, and I cut them with some mistakes meaning I’m going to have to do a bunch of careful work to fix it. :blobcat_ohnocry:
Don’t be like me.

Made a 3D-printed door handle for the front screen door. It has a printed M12 thread inside and there’s a bolt going through from the outside of the door — easy as.

Phew, it’s been quite a while since I’ve printed anything with Princess (my 3D printer). Today I’m making a little door handle for the screen door at the front of my house, which hasn’t had one for decades.
Unfortunately black filament on black bed in black printer doesn’t make for very good in-progress photos.

Left: the resistor that came out after 10 years of operation, having gotten so hot it faded the colour bands to white (13k, 3W, ?%).
Right. The resistor I’m replacing it with (13k, 5W, 1%).
Top: the PCB showing the heat-damaged spot where resistor was removed.

Made a quick laser cut stand, and gave it a whirl. It works great! It’s a bigger mass than is ideal, but a bit of time with the blowtorch and it marks beautifully! Hooray!

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Just got a small ex-3D printer hot bed, or in other words a free hot plate. So I guess it's kind of a PCB preheater, right? Just need a little driver board that will run it off a 12/24V supply according to the NTC thermistor.

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