@pfx I reckon go for it, it should work fine. Not sure how much protection it’ll offer long term, since you can’t oil/wax suede the same way as normal leather. Let us know how it turns out if you do!

It’s a healing thing to when we’ve both grown up having to teach ourselves to suppress that gleeful infodumping to not annoy other people around us.

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I’ve infodumped to him a fair bit about aerospace accidents (one of my interests) and today he came and said he’s watched some of the documentaries too and shared some that he thought were fascinating and we compared thoughts on them and it was such a happy experience

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After I talked to my family about being autistic my dad realised he is too. And recently when it’s just us together he’ll quietly share little bits of his interests with me the way I do, and especially special interests we have in common, and it warms my heart so fucking much

general food mention (Talmud) 

@glitternoodle relatedly my brother described the Talmud as “an inter-generational commentary podcast on the Tanakh”

general food mention (Talmud) 

@glitternoodle *No* you may *not* colour in the rules you disagree with in the Talmud with sharpie to claim they’re not rules anymore.

@glitternoodle *proceeds to detail decades of life spent sharing intimacy with various ‘close male friends’*

trying to find a good instance for a secondary account 

@AgathaSorceress apparently I managed to reply the same thing to you twice without realising, whoops. Thought the first one didn’t send

DND was good even if I ended up pretty overstimulated at the end but that’s just life

Look at the super cute cross-stitch fennec @Iridaceae made for mee!!! Based on a sketch by Bev Johnson. Gonna stitch it onto my backpack soon.

Music creation 

@futzle starts slightly left, moves to middle-right, accelerating with the crescendo, then comes a bit more centre at the peak. Not too much at all. I think is good!

trying to find a good instance for a secondary account 

@AgathaSorceress hi! Cathode church is absolutely open for registrations :) it’s just small for now, I don’t really advertise it widely or anything.

trying to find a good instance for a secondary account 

@AgathaSorceress hey we’re absolutely open :) I just don’t really advertise it anywhere much


I play DnD with my younger brother and friends of his and one of them just asked if they should bring alcohol to the session and my initial response was “😠 you are a CHILD!” until I remembered we’ve been playing for 4 years now and they’re all adults

@Tel @InternetEh I’m with the engineers. Stop wasting paper with meaningless stock photo of smiling person staring at a thing

@f0x yeh it can it’s got PHY support, search ESP32 LAN 8720

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