It is really true that my thoughts on the fediverse align with a very high level view of how the amish and mennonites and quakers initially moved across the land. Start a unit and do your thing. Unit gets too big or some folks in the unit have a big enough disagreement. Folks move on and form a new unit. Maybe the old unit keeps talking to you. Maybe they don't.

But particularly I'm interested in their understanding that there is a right size to an agrarian community. The land can only feed so many people, no matter how you try. I think that's true with online communities. Whether that resource is useful soil and water, moderator time and tolerance, or server resources, there is some limiting factor beyond which a community cannot thrive.

It's different for every community but the point is that you have to know that limiting resource, see when it's strained, and be prepared to walk away to found another healthy community.

The biggest downside is the higher latency when switching source, due to the buffered video data. One option would be to send some kind of data in between (or delete the playlist file?) that would cause the video player to immediately discard its buffer and resync. The simplest kludgy way would be to intentionally cause mpv to close and then be immediately reopened by the background job that keeps it running. But hopefully there’s some part of HLS/dash playing that could do that.

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The idea is to replace client-side, JavaScript websocket site in chrome that receives messages to change what is currently displayed, with a single HLS stream rendered in mpv. Each client fetches a unique HLS playlist file (which contains links to the video chunks that get played back in order). Then on the *server side*, I can change which of the 12-odd ‘channels’ each unique HLS playlist is *symlinked* to.
Then the control webpage can simply POST a form to a CGI script with arguments for what its client box should be viewing.

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I have just had a very very sneaky idea that might be able to obsolete this whole horrible linux IPTV system with a very very simple replacement…

Gonna be designing another makers mark brand for my uncle who does hobby woodwork. This time my plan is to have it 3D printed in steel because the CNC routers I have access to are just not very well suited to the task.

@sandzwerg the video quality is definitely fine, it’s on HDMI. and in the process of checking with another monitor, I used a different cable

Observation about the “end” of the pandemic 

@futzle I’m liking the constant availability of remote video in to any meeting. Having to travel an hour for a half hour meeting used to be a big part of my freelancing and Zoom is a hell of a lot easier especially when people are juggling multiple gigs

The gnome Night Shift feature is turned off, and turning it on and off again does not fix. I have checked with multiple monitors & prev version of the image and I’m not hallucinating. It doesn’t show up in RDP

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New work struggles: fixed nearly all the Ubuntu signage system problems except now the screen is tinted orange and I cannot for the life of me work out why

@NHG wtf are all the cables up the top of them like hair

British pol 

@zkat so glad she stands for an inclusive, gender-diverse crushing of the working class

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