@be @drwho @fox but in this case, debt collectors in particular have much less legal power than their intimidation techniques try to imply. It’s not the same as police where they can just do what they want; debt collection agencies are actually subject to losing lawsuits for illegal collection behaviour, and conveniently a lot of that behaviour can become very serious charges like fraud, forgery, and other financial crimes that carry heavy penalties, so they do have some things to be afraid of.

Another story about theatrical armoury failure (though an older one), another reason I won’t work on a production involving functional firearms, even props. abc.net.au/news/2022-01-25/qld

@lilithsaintcrow I have always wondered about the existence of secret bets among authors and editors to do something in books and I'm glad to have it confirmed

@nytpu @seachaint yeah but I mean, it's more that the sky changes colour often. it can be orange, and pink, and dark blue, light blue, grey, white, etc etc.

@seachaint "the sky is blue" is one that seems true until you think about it for longer and realise that it isn't, as often as it is. There's a radiolab episode mentioning how a psychologist brought his kid up without ever mentioning the colour of the sky, and occasionally asked her what colour it is. And she would either refuse to answer or, say, "maybe white?" until school age when she was exposed to the common understanding of it being blue

house building 

@stibbons but yeah, as @ThermiteBeGiants said, I’d do as much as you can DIY because installers will massively overcharge because they can get away with it — regular Joes don’t know how cheap and easy it is to run cat6 and chuck a patch panel in a rack

house building 

@ThermiteBeGiants @stibbons don’t even need to crimp them, you can just use a punch-down tool with the blocks (though crimped connectors are nicer probably).

house building 

@stibbons just remember, however annoying you have to be now, you’ll be thanking yourself in 10 years time when you have real network infrastructure and don’t have to deal with spotty wifi and Ethernet running across the room.
I lived in a house that had 2 cat6 points and 2 coax runs in every room all wired to a central cupboard with the ADSL and pay TV and FTA all run to it. It was a breeze to get stuff working even with bad wifi reception. Now in this apartment I have WAN coming out in my kitchen and four different cables running across floors and over doors and it’s a fucking pain in the arse.

@grumpysmiffy that’s fine, I only referred to them because I had been tooting about them recently and thought you might have been similarly confused

@grumpysmiffy I meant -mobile as a suffix denoting ‘vehicle for’. And Blåhaj is the name of a very well loved and iconic-among-trans-people ikea soft toy of a blue shark. It is what the blobhaj emoji are referring to: :blahaj: :blobhaj_smile: :blobhaj_cathug:

@pilum you win the design competition this will be the Blåhajmobil

hm now I am thinking about decorating my tiltwheel... it should definitely be purple, right? maybe with a laser cut adhesive mask to the bare aluminium before spray-painting...

@vy @starkatt is just looking at patches right now, in case you're looking for that too

re: excited to receive a thing 

@Anarkat maybe one day I will go for it and actually purchase...

@cerena neat, now I've solved my Z-probe problems I should look at getting quicker, I'm at 60mm/s perimeter 80mm/s infill

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