Parent relationships 

@InternetEh strong agree. And my parents agree with Adam savage on the topic, that it’s great to interact with their children as adults

400+1’s work creating the Orisha Land autonomous protest zone is an excellent demonstration of the power of even a small community taking action to seize control of the most minuscule piece of the state’s hoarded resources and put them to quick & decisive material use helping marginalised folks. By taking over a park, no doubt managed by a local govt department that consider themselves ‘apolitical’ & unconnected to problems of housing access, etc, 400+1 shows how the massive state bureaucracies work only to entrench & reinforce the status quo of racism, marginalisation & inequality. The state bureaucracy’s claims of organisation and efficiency serve primarily to obfuscate the pure material wealth that is actively hoarded and defended with violence to preserve structural inequality for the comfort of the rich & white.


you do NOT need a "proper" deed poll to change your name. you can do it online for free, just print it off & do all the signing stuff

if ANYONE give you shit, they can not. this is legal & perfectly fine


#namechange #trans #LGBTQIA #change #beingme

@lewlepton oh wild, that’s what a deed poll is?? Huh. I had assumed it was a state-sanctioned thing like the palaver to change your name here requiring submitting various forms to the Dept of Births, Deaths & Marriages, and getting an amended Birth Certificate

@stibbons yer online conservatives would probably say that’s why me and my brother both turned out queer, along with drinking soy milk sometimes, so fair warning :thinkin:

@stibbons back when I was a “boy” kid my parents had the same struggle. I ended up wearing a lot of clothes from Du Pareil Au Meme, French kids clothing brand, which didn’t go in for weird masculinity/femininity schtick

@InternetEh (from a distance) “Janice, where are you it’s time to go!”
“Sometimes I still hear their voices!” *melodramatically wipes tear*

Inserted an aluminium shim in the oversized 3D printed monitor holder hinge upper part. So now instead of the bottom being a press fit, and the top mobile, the top is the press fit (with shim) and the bottom is mobile.

@slimewolf I mostly identify with the 'hates eye contact' part

@cadence @June transcribe the French words. That way if a bilingual person who relies on captions watches it, they still get the benefit of speaking the language, rather than being artificially prevented from understanding that part (which someone who spoke it and didn’t need captions could understand)

@sophie Engineer brand really makes great stuff. Well designed, well made, attention to detail and high quality materials. Really worth it for those use-daily-for-a-decade tools.

Thanks to everyone who recommended it to me, I can’t get wait to try it out

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Holy shit this thing sucks, like, faster than my eyes can process

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@patience near IR, with Intel RealSense camera. We had IR floods from the side such that a person walking in produced a clear contrast line from above — one side lit & one side in shadow, which made for best results tracking fast movement regardless of pose

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