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we will help Black people find free books/articles/etc 

If you are Black & need help finding a digital copy of any book or article, Sin Yovo Document Reproduction is here to help! feel free to send replies or DMs with requests. can't promise to find everything but will make an effort for anything y'all ask for. No one will be here for Us except Us.

(nonblack boosts welcome for visibility as well as volunteers if you can help with a request that's unmet)

Wahoo! Vertical monitor mount works great! Just need a new bit of aluminium tube as hinge pin as I bent the first one.

Ah shit oops I got another project on the stack

Check which crimes albatrosses are guilty of (proving a point):

nasa apollo thoughts 

[Copy pasted from a text message convo hence the odd style]
You know what fuckin
Toasts my noodle
Scrambles my bonce
I thought the navigation in Apollo was all dead reckoning from an initial calibration on earth plus Doppler radar calculations from earth
But no they literally learned 70+ stars and constellations
And looked through a special sextant attached to the command module
And input the Yaw Pitch Roll angles to the guidance computer
To calibrate it
And in the case of Apollo 13 when they had to switch off the whole system to save power, had to do all that without even having the IMU as backup
Makes me kind of emotional
That interplanetary space navigation was literally done the same way as ship navigation a thousand years ago

huh I just noticed that bid/bid/bid vs bid/bade/bidden is the same transitive/intransitive variation of the same verb as lie/lay/lain vs lay/lay/laid.
It's just that each one version in each pair has such specific uses that they feel like they have different meanings, especially given I was never taught grammar (imo crappy of our school system)

grumbling about post system 

UGH I wish post wasn’t so expensive. AusPost is about to increase their smallest parcel postage cost to $9.15! You can kinda use Large Letters to send small things <20mm thick but then that means getting stamps which is a palaver on its own!

I gotta admit I’d never seen an Ethernet Wedge connector (?) until now. Crimping up adapter leads for old patch panels.

Holy shit what a non stop day. 11 hours at 2 workplaces after <4 hours sleep but a *lot* of caffeine :blobcat_coffee: :blobcat_hyperthink:

auspol, aboriginal deaths in custody 

Some minor justice for Dwayne Johnstone, one of the hundreds of Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Over half of indigenous people killed in custody had never been charged, and of those who had, most were charged with minor non-indictable offences. Research by The Guardian established that in at least 38% of cases, required medical help was denied to them.
This is colonialism & white supremacy in Australia upheld by its highest institutions.

For real tho if anyone is interested in one lmk. Obvs they look better new, this one is kinda beaten up because I’ve worn it daily for like 6 months

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Duckduckgo how to find the time to make custom stim bracelets for people but also finish my other dozen ongoing projects (and like, do work that pays me)

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Have I shown y’all my handmade gay stim bracelet because I wear it everyday, it’s neat, it’s gay, and it helps me when I’m getting overloaded.

wait hang on what if I found a cereal container big enough to fit a filament roll vertically, I could put my bearing runners at the bottom, that would take up basically the same amount of space, and they are made airtight too.... I'd just need a bushing and a bit of extra ptfe bowden tube...

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problem is of course I just don't have the *space*. I think this project will have to wait for moving house in 6 months ish.

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Hmm I think I need to make a moisture-proof filament feed-box for my 3D printer. Just finished a roll and started a new one and heck the finish is a *lot* nicer on a roll of PETG that is freshly desiccated, barely any oozing.

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