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Alpine Linux is really impressing me tbh, I might make it the main driver on my Linux tinkering box at home. It’s pleasingly small & modular but readily upgradable. But I might run a hypervisor over the top so I can have different machines for projects.

food, vege 

Lunch is quick ssamjang, sesame, soy & garlic noodle stir fry with zucchini and tofu. Yum.

if anyone has alpine experience and can help me with getting alsa and this other kernel module to work, I'd appreciate it. I'm getting a slew of errors:

[  347.614066] MergingRavennaALSA: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_add (err -2)
[ 347.614076] MergingRavennaALSA: Unknown symbol snd_pcm_lib_free_vmalloc_buffer (err -2)
[ 347.614084] MergingRavennaALSA: Unknown symbol snd_pcm_new (err -2)
[ 347.614091] MergingRavennaALSA: Unknown symbol snd_pcm_add_chmap_ctls (err -2)
[ 347.614097] MergingRavennaALSA: Unknown symbol snd_card_register (err -2)
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I'm tinkering with Alpine Linux as a base OS for some embedded stuff and really liking this, though I'm very much the "I have no idea what I'm doing" dog meme.

attempt at French pun pls advise if funny & excuse bad grammar 

Les câbles pour caméras avec fibre et des fils DC pour énergie, on appelle ça du fibre alimentaire?


basically if you're a monosexual gender abolitionist i would like to cordially invite you to consider that your entire life is an artful act of transphobic hypocrisy and also to Eat My Entire Ass

Leaving buildroot to compile the Linux kernel overnight makes me feel like I’m getting a tiny taste of what development was like back in the punch-card days.

Hey, how are people going? I’m enjoying the lovely sunny weather but as always wishing I had 3x more hours in a day to work on projects (and sleeeeep. Please I just need an extra 3 hours between 2 and 3am and I’ll be happy)

Tonight was a great night at the makerspace. I played with optics stuff for the followspot sight. My friend helped reverse engineer the interface PCB of an old ClearCom comms matrix station I have plans to make an interesting project out of. And I worked on designing a jig to bend more folded metal multitool holsters. Happy and exhausted :blobcat_meltthumbsup:

Yesterday I assembled, wired up neatly and labelled up a new AV rack. It’s so shiny and neat :blobcat_starstruck:

So I made a cardboard-and-blutack prototype of the followspot reflex sight with heads-up display idea that I’ve been thinking of, with a very nice beamsplitter cube loaned from my makerspace friend. Too bad they’re quite expensive — might not be so practical to use one in the end (rather than a semi-silvered mirror), but they’re so nifty.

gahrt access negative 

Fucking great. The compounding pharmacy that I (and a large chunk of the trans people in Sydney) use for hormones just shut down with no notice.

Just installed a little 1m light strip on the headboard of my bed to provide a brighter bounce-source in my room without needing to turn on the ceiling light. I may put the same soft pink gel on it as I have on my bedside lamp, we’ll see.

The soundtrack is a little weak in parts. But then compare it with Interstellar where the soundtrack is the strongest part, and I’d have to say Gravity is better overall.

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Just rewatched Gravity. God that movie makes me bawl. So well directed and edited.

insect on insect crime 

Just watched a big wasp chase down and sting to death a huntsman spider :blobcat_terrified:

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