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iBook G3 spotted packed away in a cupboard at my parents’. This was one of my early computers, I used it when I was 10-12

Today I made 3-phase test tag adapters
Because no I’m not paying $500 for something I can knock together with bits we’ve got
And now we can actually test the leakage of all the bazillion untested dimmers & distros :blobcat_smilesweat:

The new cafe worker warmed up my almond croissant in the bloody microwave instead of an oven/toaster. Blegh. :blobcat_glare:

Black Lives Matter protests have saved lives, study finds

Places with Black Lives Matter protests experienced a 15% to 20% decrease in police homicides from 2014 to 2019 — around 300 fewer deaths. “The gap in lethal use-of-force between places with and without protests widens over these subsequent years and is most prominent when protests are large or frequent.”

I am the mistress of naps
I have had so many nap this weekend and I could even keep on napping
I’m unstoppable

I’m watching Night on Earth and it’s pretty amazing what they’ve been able to do with super-sensitive visible light cameras and FLIR

cop bullshit on tv 

I’m watching a documentary about running an airport in America and one funny/fucked thing is how it’s been like

“There are 58 police officers at the airport, and they deal with around 40 cases of stolen baggage a year.”

And then 5 minutes later

“There are 14 mechanics in the airport ground maintenance team, looking after around 1300 pieces of equipment vital to keeping the airport running.”

And it showed the police guy going and detaining someone who was clearly not the person on the CCTV (and wasn’t white, what a shock) and eventually being told “uh we found the footage of the two thieves leaving on a bus before you actually left the office”. Truly essential heroes

3 days’ solid work soldering, cutting, stripping, and heatshrinking. The IP-rated DMX panel-mount tails are very nicely done if I do say so myself.

There’s definitely a satisfaction to constructing something that you know is able to last 20 plus years

Incredibly pleased to report that my gender-presentation goal of coming across intimidating to cishets and soft & friendly to fellow queers is progressing successfully :blobcat_sipsmile: :transgender_flag_black:

Hahahahahaha I’m dying 😂😂 Twitter debuting a subscription service that makes the whole “rules don’t apply to you if we think you’re profitable” explicit

And it’s not clear but seems you may still be served ads?? Hilarious. Hope they catch on fire

How are people going this morning (or not-morning)?

This blanket says: TRANS RIGHTS. My wife made it for our friends’ daughter who is also friends with our eldest. I thought it turned out rad, so I wanted to come on here and brag on her.

work, +- 

It’s funny that today I was accosted by awful building noises for hours and it was still a better work day than many I’ve done by virtue of the fact I barely had to interact with any people, and could just chill and do my tasks alone.
But it feels like that’s a vanishingly rare kind of job to end up with in this industry.

@scruss @Asimech @fribbledom Here's what NASA has to say about it, then I'm done with this.

Seriously, if you wanna use the unleaded stuff, I don't care. It makes no difference to me at all. Don't message me about it.

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