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I didn’t manage to import my followers list before the lights went out at rad town, so it would be really helpful if people could boost this to know I am over here now. 💜💖🖤☺️

DIN und USB-C, ~40 Jahre Steckverbinder-Evolution in einem Gerät.

DIN and USB-C, ~40 years of connector evolution in one device.

Put some copies of Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race into the hands of the people in your life that need it, I always keep a few copies spare.

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re: moving house 

ah rats. it doesn't have aircon. budget extra for a portable unit I suppose.

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moving house 

Third one was actually surprisingly quite good. I’m happy to trade fancy stuff for more space; it’s roomy and has a 2nd bathroom

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moving house 

2 apartment inspections down. 1 more today. Would sure be easier if we didn’t have to book them individually :/


Once again, I have mindlessly snacked while on a zoom catchup, and spoiled my dinner. :blobcat_sipglare:

A hearty Fuck You to Synology for making their new version of DSM slick and shiny and removing a bunch of features I depend on from the audio server while adding none

End of day five of cable-making and boy my hands are sore.
[image cw: selfie eye contact]

i absolutely hate this "well you should join space/project/whatever and help improve it!" reply to any criticism that a lot of leftist spaces and foss project have. what you are telling me is that you do not give a fuck about my however valid criticism. "just fix it yourself" - as if you and your fucking hierarchy would let me, even if i tried.

ableist media but positive outcome 

Today’s morning is cheered up by discovering that Sia’s film Music is rated eight percent on rotten tomatoes, with a swathe of one-star reviews by critics calling it a “doomed fiasco”, “harmful”, “pitiful” and a “complete mess”.

Ugh soon I’m gonna have to like. Work with people on the cable stuff instead of happily on my own :blobcat_sipglare:

This is amazing.

I am the world's worst dilettante computer coder and even I know:

1. you don't use math.random() for anything that even aspires to be cryptographically secure, and
2. don't seed random generators with universal values like the current time

h/t @noelle

Phew that was a big day I am tired. Instead of soldering I’m working on making up a few hundred IP-rated 240V cables

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Thank goodness I finally have work again tomorrow. Another 3 days of non stop soldering of adapters.

Tomorrow I’ll rewrite the ANCS adapter to use NimBLE instead of Bluedroid and also tighten up some of the questionable memory management

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Tonight I’ve replaced the TinyPICO ESP32 module with a WT32-ETH1 ESP32 module which has 100Mb Ethernet onboard! So I can run the 4 strings of LEDs pixel-for-pixel via much more reliable Ethernet DMX control.

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