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I love it when you’re repairing something, and there’s no clear indicator of what’s wrong, but you take a punt and turn out to be right.
Replaced the main load mosfet on this programmable load and it’s right back in working condition again. With silly LED fan cooler and everything.

I bought lorikeet nectar and put some out with the water and occasional fruit. I hope they join the currawong in becoming regular visitors to the balcony!

Hey does anyone in Sydney want a free Lenovo T400 laptop from 2008

Also let me know if you want any others made available too — I’ll upload more of the images if there’s interest.

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I just added four of the brilliant silicon die microscopy photos from (CCBy3.0) to my redbubble shop so you can get them on stickers and stuff! Check them out if you like: :boost_ok:

I’m back at workplace #2 for a few shifts happily, and it’s Cat6 punchdown time! Had a bunch of spare tails left over from prior project so rigged up a patch panel to tails to extend several ports from two switches (we have two airgapped networks) over to the workbench 5m away for testing.

re: tech rant 

Efinix made me register an account, and now say I can't download their (required) software to use the dev kit I purchased from them until my account is MANUALLY REVIEWED. what junk. Fuck this I guess I'm buying an icebreaker bitsy.

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tech rant 

God, FPGA companies are the fucking WORST

it is to use my FireAnt FPGA dev board as a serial protocol breakout, so I can use my HP 1661A logic analyser to look at serial bitstreams like RS232 when it's only designed for parallel busses.

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and no @ljwrites I'm afraid it's actually not a split keyboard

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Oopsie I'm doing it again
I'm starting another project without finishing any that are currently on the go

food (vego) 

I would show you the delicious avocado toast I made but it was only present outside of my stomach for maybe 25 seconds. I was very hungry.

s0 feels :blobcat_knife: boosted

@s0 Components for specific projects, I have them in individual bags (as they come from mouser/digikey/whatever), and all the bags together in a larger labeled bag. It's geared to be used for specific projects in a short time frame, not for storage.

For general purpose component storage, I keep THT components in labeled modular drawers. For SMT components, I keep them in AideTek component cases.

That's where most of the components I have are. Rarer or rarely used components are bagged and stored in cardboard boxes, for lack of space (WIP).

Yay! After a bit of reflowing under the ESP32 module, to fix some sneaky shorts, I was able to upload code and talk to the ESP32, including with automatic Reset/Flash line toggling by Serial chip as designed. Success! :blobcat_nwn:

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Also anyone who can help me work out a storage system for my components (TH & SMD). Please send help. It is becoming untenable. Please

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- forgot mounting holes
- GPIO bank labels are swapped (5V at top)
- designed for 0805 resistors but discovered most of my stash was actually 1206; bodged
- grabbed & soldered a 5.08mm fixed screw terminal block instead of pluggable Phoenix-style one which I do actually have but forgot about

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Today’s : I finally got around to soldering up this PCB which is the sisterboard for my DIY OneWheel scooter. It will connect to the Vedder ESC board over CAN bus (bottom right connector & transceiver IC) and to a phone over Bluetooth to allow adjusting parameters and reporting battery status etc.

I caught these photos of the currawong carefully picking out blueberries from the fruit on offer on the bird feeder.

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