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food (vego) 

Discovering I did not in fact have a can opener, I subjected this can to what I can only describe as the “Jaws Henchman Treatment”

Hey, come hang out on Jitsi with me and Princess the 3D printer!
password: "tinker"

Bare metal UXN running on the PI4 hardware!

For some reason this refused to work with -O2 optimizations, but works fine on -O1. Probably need to do some assembly archeology to find what is going on.

Hm I wonder how hard it is to proxy/cache mjpegstreamer. I want to make a publicly-viewable stream of the webcam of Princess...

Whole lotta cables for a "wireless" setup, but the embroidery machines only provide power to the USB when they're turned on, so I power the Pi's separately.

(Also it's kinda dark behind the embroidery machines where these live now, sorry.)

I should note, the holes in the standoffs are for threaded inserts, and then I'm gluing regular nuts into the sides of the handles (thinner than threaded inserts)

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Princess is going, I've mopped & vacuumed the floors, and it's tea time ☕️

yeah I gave up on freecad and used fusion because I couldn't get freecad to extrude and the text guides weren't helping much.

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Designed a tray with handle to store/carry my programmable load in, rather than just the simple standoffs it comes with. It shouldn't negatively impact the cooling too much I hope, as it's mainly through the large phase-change heatsink and fans.

As a native Hawaiian, Reservation Dogs is the best #INDIGENOUS representation of our actual lives on screen, ever. Also, this all-indigenous written is the best and funniest thing I've seen in years, PERIOD. 'Can I be Mr. Camouflage?' in the Hot Cheetohs heist had me rolling

"‘Reservation Dogs’ Co-Creators Sterlin Harjo & Taika Waititi Talk Using Humor “To Subvert Expectations” In Indigenous Representation – TCA"

Gonna give FreeCAD a go for modelling a case for my programmable load, in the interests of using FOSS software where possible.

Of course, 36W is nothing! Let’s really push it to the max for a quick minute.

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