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food, vego 

Kusundi is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest inventions in food

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food, vego 

Making an omelette with spinach and spiced Gouda served with eggplant kusundi. The trick is to undercook the eggs on the stove and then put it under the grill to get the cheese nice and melty/caramelised and finish the eggs off

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watching battlebots while 3D printing repair parts for 2nd hand tripod stands I got for cheap

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It's a rainy hanging-around-in-dressing-gown kinda day.

I designed a cool purple starry background for my 2 new 4K monitors. Big file to edit, 7280x2160! But she had the grunt for it no probs.
The fennec art is by @anaisfae, I licensed for my personal use (so won’t be making the wallpaper available).

@tindall (I mean to be clear the 432 is a bonkers machine that was DOA, but it is an amazing case study in "hold-my-beer-level CISC" -- it has a hardware garbage collector, transparent single-level store, hardware object-capability addressing and a substantial fraction of Ada's language semantics wired into it.)

Crowdfunding for Queer Caribbean writer 

Queer Caribbean writer and student Lupita is fleeing abuse & trying to get back on her feet. Pls reboost, share, donate!

Hah, and I got a call that this time the distro 3phase RCD tripped. It’s def the low fogger being leaky. I reckon it’s full of condensation from the cold of the ice tray. They’re running without it now, leave it to air for a few days

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Redid all the hot power distro to put everything on separate RCBOs and took offline a mini dimmer that was dodgy. Seems to be all fixed.

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Great now everything’s gone technically tits-up at the venue of my other show and I have to rush in there :blobcat_notamused:

weight gain +, ed/dysphoria mention 

I am saying this stuff for myself and for anyone else who’s been in a shitty place with an ED, dysphoria, dysmorphia or the like. Be radically appreciative of your body and actively reject the negativity shoved at you by advertisers.

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weight gain + 

Also I’m strong and butch and soft and have a tummy that sticks out and it’s good. Fuck predatory capitalistic body shaming bullshit

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weight gain + 

My hips/butt have gotten a chunk bigger and apart from not fitting into some pairs of pants I liked, that’s cool and good actually
I am healthy and active enough and my body is finding a shape that works for it, good on it

Kids holding salamanders 

@s0 @InternetEh It might not be a whole rodeo, but I drew a salamander wearing a cowboy in #krita! #mastoart

I feel like this got lost in the western news cycle since it featured a successful movement of the masses, but India's farmers (plus upcoming elections) forced Modi to cave, though I'm concerned about this being a ruse since I don't trust strongmen:

work + 

Had my first shift back at workplace #1 in months and I was glad to be reminded how slow going and chill some of the shifts are. Not all of them for sure, but I still was paid 5 hours for like 2 hours of easy work :)
Which is especially appreciated as I’m a bit broke atm

Q: A linear regulator has a power efficiency problem and asks for help. What did the switched-mode power supply answer?

A: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I honestly don't really care how "unreliable" you think shared libraries are, using entirely static linking is how we get gigantic 500MB monoliths that waste disk space and RAM, don't integrate with the rest of the system properly due to mismatched library versions, and also don't get security patches from the system unless you manually update the binary itself.

Static linking may be "easier", but as programmers, it's our job to use the *right* solution, not just the easiest one.

bbc radio 4 comedy opinions 

Can we just get rid of the now show and run the news quiz year round yet??
I mean I have not listened in a few years but that was after the umpteenth transphobic joke and the show wasn’t even funny

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