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Thinking about the Cutler VLF radio transmitter, which the US military operates to communicate with submarines underwater (24kHz band). It’s the largest radio transmitter in the world in size and transmitting power, at 2 megawatts and covering several kilometres with dozens of 100m-tall towers connected with a web of wires.

My favourite part is how it requires another 3 MW in winter just to de-ice the wires, because ice fucks up the capacitance

Making Trans Recognition eye contact with the waiter in this cafe :blobcat_starstruck: :blobcat_0w0:

It’s mizzling up in the mountains
[image cw: selfie with eye contact through sunglasses]

accessibility tech musings 

blind people don't actually really buy braille displays. do you think someone that nobody will employ would even make rent?

no what happens is a similar situation to health care, where governments or insurance will buy the displays for people who need them, and prices are probably based on how much the government will pay for shit

Seems like piracy is becoming more and more something of an arcane magic. I will watch my family members go through every streaming service and not find their desired media.

I am a little like a druid or mage, who is able to conjure moving images for free from a computer. I happily pirate any movie or TV show, but it does make me sad that people will remain in the DRM maze, and not wonder about the world beyond it.

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Ugh this is why I don’t do touring shows. I’m nauseatingly anxious enough about packing to stay somewhere else without having to work long days there as well

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Ok I told him I will come in at 11, not 9

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Pls give me strength to tell my production manager I won’t work a 14 hour bump-in after having to take a 3 hour public transport trip, at the start of a long production week

someone submit this screenshot to the ATSB, it'll make the investigation much quicker

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The stall warning noise is very annoying. Also apparently the fuel gauges weren’t just for show??! That or my engine did not like going to 10000ft

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I should note that I don’t even have a numpad so I was operating the control surfaces with the number row, which didn’t greatly help

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Wow ok so I managed to take off (like a drunk baboon) and climb to 3000ft without death-spiraling on the third attempt! and then frantically tried to get the autopilot to engage.

The TinyNES is now at 74% of its goal! ALMOST 75%! YES!

2/3 of the systems that come with a free game have been sold, so if you wanted in on that deal, pick it up before they're gone!

cancer, asking for help, pls boost 

We're still fighting financial aid and don't know how it's going to go. We may have bills hitting us for literally more money than we've ever seen.

Please see the fundraiser page for more details, and to give if you can:

And if you don't want to deal with GoFundMe for any reason, there's also our Paypal:

Thank you all. with gone it's harder than ever to spread the word.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid

So if I wanted to try a flight sim but not outlay a bunch what would I do

My hair is looking fucking incredible after my shower and napping with it up in a microfibre towel-twist-turban thingy.
[image is selfie with eye contact]

Nap concluded. Mission success. Congratulations all around.

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When I get home I am going to have such a fucking Nap. You won’t believe what a Nap I will have. Previously unheard-of levels of Nap will be had (by me) (and blåhaj).

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