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I might have been possessed by a passive-aggressive southern American ghost

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I have involuntarily introduced “Oh Bless” as main sarcastic response in my vocabulary atm and I don’t have a clue how it happened

It's here! And it's just as magnificent and adorable as I dreamed! 😍

A two port SATA controller in an mPCIe form factor! 🤓 #xp

vego food 

Shit they’re cash only :blobcat_ohnocry: I will return next week my beloved Malay-Chinese

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vego food 

I am on a lunchtime mission to the best cheap laksa in the city, wish me luck

It is a most beautiful 14°C sunny autumn day in Sydney. I only wish I hadn’t forgotten a scarf and my sunglasses. Much sneezing.
[image cw for eye contact]

Tell me I shouldn’t get a T-shirt made that says “Kapton Evangelist” on it

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Begpost, I need money ASAP, boosting is appreciated.

I really need money since I don't have any job right now after focusing studying and teaching math. Now I only have little amount of money and some debt. I just want to wait my payment for teaching math buat they still don't give me the payment.

So in this last few weeks I only eat less meal and do so much sleep to save some energy. I think I am in very bad situation right now and really need help.

Maybe $100 is enough to pay my debt and to live for a few days. Please help me.

My Paypal:

#BegPost #Help #ASAP

help a black lesbian secure housing!

"I moved out Saturday after receiving only 30 days notice from my apartment complex. Thank you to everyone that’s helped so far! This month I need help to pay for credit cards, utilities and a hotel stay. I need at least $3000 to cover these costs."$twilson

money (-), urgent help needed 

Hey, I've been doing what i can but living expenses have been really bad and my bank account is almost zero and i can't pay for food or even my phone bill tomorrow. If you have any money to spare, it would be much appreciated. Or, if you want to get a commission from me, now would be a really good time.

tap-tap-tap. is this tusk on? Hi, I'm Chris! I make interactive and time-based wood, metal, and found-object sculptures, which both embrace and question technology. and they, like, glow and stuff ✨😊

Still waiting on Keysight DMM, with nice big OLED screen :blobcat_drool: (not the giant touchscreen one)
And also my kelvin probes. I am gonna measure milliohms and nobody can stop me

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help request, - 

um, holy shit, my medical cetrificate expired meaning my payments got cut, and my doctor has no appointments for at least a week. this means i have no money whatsoever for food or bills other than rent.

i was aware at one point that this was coming up but i forgot because of sheer stupidity. sorry to be asking on here again but right now i have to look everywhere i can to sort this out. a link to donate will be at the bottom of this post. please let me know if there is anything i can help you with in return.

communication would also be very much appreciated in this stressful time. i feel very lonely.

I keep finding technological folks who are not aware of the wonder of kapton tape. I am now a full time kapton tape shill.

Buy kapton tape! It’s great! It has high dielectric strength, it’s high temperature resistant, the adhesive lasts a long time, it sticks well to flat & clean surfaces, and it’s cheap!

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