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Really not sure this big a bag was required to send me 20 0603 LEDs

Yesterday at work I cleared out all the replacement fuse storage. I got to donate a box full of 1960s BS1361 and similar assorted fuses to the building department for whatever heritage equipment still uses them.

I really do see any mechanical/electronic device that’s older than I am and the autistic machine empathy kicks in hard

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Look at this 1990 baby. You wouldn’t be mean to someone in this car. It looks like it rolls onto its side to go to sleep. It would be at home in a ghibli movie. It’s held together with gaffer tape and love.

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I blame Alexander McCall Smith for planting this idea in my head through Mma Ramotswe.

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I think I could replace the engine with an electric bike motor and get similar performance. Thing would blow over in a light breeze.
Apparently the handling is literally worse than a city bus :blobcat_uwucry:

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I have never been a car person but recently I am in love with tiny white vans. Suzuki Every my beloved 😌

Yes hello I would love to try your “diskless” and “data disk” install modes that leverage overlays on a RAMdisk root file system. How do I install them?

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Alpine would be so much better if their documentation wasn’t absolute shit

Does anyone recall what that project that is similar to nixOS is?

Oh yeah another thing, the whole IPTV system had its approx-monthly tantrum where every screen logs off in the middle of the day and has to be rebooted. I’m reasonably certain it’s because chrome updates & resets the session cookies (which are relied on by our terrible but immutable backend).

So anyway I’m really going to try to replace this janky horror with something more scalable & auditable…

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more ranting about bad software 

Each of the several modules match in visual design but are crucially different in workflow. Buttons to do the same thing are in different places; buttons to do different things are in the same place on different iterations of the same page. Some buttons are buttons, some are links. Some are plain text you have to know is a button.

Most buttons if you click them have completely irreversible actions short of starting the entire approval process again.

Anyway fuck you iPOS, I know what your acronym stands for to me

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Something they did tell me upfront that was borne out in truth is that all purchasing/receipting software is sadistically badly designed

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Something they don’t tell you about working in a job that does purchasing is that sometimes you delay 3 weeks because you forgot the name of the right supplier

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Today I fought RJ45 crimp plugs and lost. But I also made someone happy by fixing their TV. How was your day?

Had a look at my home assistant energy stats and my reverse cycle clothes dryer is shockingly energy efficient. It uses only 0.8-1.2 kWh a week, on 2-3 washing loads. A regular electric dryer uses approx 5.7kWh per load, so 10+kWh per week.
Also it has no problem operating continuously in a barely-ventilated internal laundry.

Well it did do this until an attempt to get the touchbar drivers installed apparently destroyed the grub EFI loader? Idek. Refind won’t detect the partition either which is odd. Tomorrow I will try manually editing Refind config to add a listing for that partition

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yepppp, updating to unstable/sid fixed all my libinput problems

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