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transmed nonsense 

sometimes transmeds are like, “ all hashtag trueTranssexuals wish they were born cis ” and I'm like girl what the ~fuck~ are you talking about.

I do wish I knew transition is possible and that you don't have to have a "gender identity" before starting transition to benefit from it, you just have to want to transition (transmed discourse, not conservative or terf but specifically transmed, is directly responsible for my lost decades, all those years severely dysphoric and depressedly wishing I was trueTrans so I could transition).

But being cis? Nah fam, all of me is trans and I love the people I am, my cis mirror would be different people, other someones. There's nothing wrong with my body, I mean have you seen this body? :bubbleheart: It is society that is wrong, including the transmed part of it.

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food (vego) 

I have decided tomorrow I will make kimchijeon for dinner and already I am salivating. So good
Being able to just think of food and quickly look up how to make it is one of few solely good things about the internet

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Most of the discrete components have been installed. I'm just waiting on the shipment of ferrite beads, the RF modulator, and a single diode.

I've given up on ordering the more esoteric capacitors, which are actually color banded. I've never encountered banded axial ceramic caps before.

The ceramics should last as long as their lacquer does. I had a hundred 104Z discs laying around, so at least those are fresh.

And of course, all of the electrolytics are new.

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Any suggestions of shows/channels to watch that are good to have on in the background while low-pressure working?

Today was vastly improved from the above to a really good day when I got to hang out on Jitsi for five hours with friends from online. Fedi is really good :blobcat_nwn:

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I'm in my Jitsi again if anyone wants to hang out!
password: tinker

Today was an “I am so annoyed at myself for forgetting something important that I had to go back to bed for a grumpy nap” kind of day.

If OnlyFans was serious about pivoting away from porn and to shit like, idk, celebrity dessert chefs, why didn’t they rebrand as OnlyFlans

Oh shit hang on this thing supports RS232 control too.... can I use the RS232 to make the Teensy control it??

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I’ve written it so it takes modular decoders for any protocol you feel like implementing on the Teensy (currently only UART). Data is then passed to the HP over a 16 bit bus, clock, and config flag lines.
Now I’ve got it displaying, I need to write more decoders, and maybe max out the Teensy’s IO to get a 30 bit bus that can be split different ways as required.

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Hell yeah, my serial to parallel decoder “ParallelTender” for my HP 1661A logic analyser is working!

food (vego) 

Today was 30° so I made cold soba noodles with dipping sauce and fried miso eggplant & capsicum for dinner. Came out great! Japanese cooking flavours are so deceptively simple

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Troubleshooting a friend's old Rotel amplifier, admiring hand drawn traces yet again

The irony is a significant proportion of the people I’ve known from my choirs growing up have turned out trans

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Damn I wanna be in a choir with other trans people. I miss singing but I don’t miss the constant misgendering when I tried to join one

Sometimes u just gotta lie down on some grass and look at the sky
[image cw: sunglasses eye contact]

What colour filament should I order for printing on Princess? It's currently grey.

Zelda the currawong has learned that she can turn up at the balcony to let us know she would very much like some blueberries please and thank

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