pine64 rant/subtoot 

Pine64 are really running themselves into the dirt, huh. Shit customer support to the point of breaching laws, unapologetically continuing to market seriously flawed and dangerous designs, ‘specs’ that don’t match reality, and the greatest irony, hardware DRM from the big ‘open source hardware’ proponent.


re: pine64 rant/subtoot 

@s0 They are hard to root for. I really like that I've been able to look at the pinephone schematics while repairing them, but at the same time they seem to be really overextending themselves. EG, the pinephone keyboard. It should have used off the shelf switches, and it should not have had such a serious bug with the charging system causing device damage. Omitting the battery and using normal switches would have made it *chefs kiss*.

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