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The Church of Cathode

Cathode Church is a Mastodon instance on the Fediverse for trans and gender-diverse makers, coders and tinkerers.

It is intended to be a supportive, friendly, and creative online space.




Harassment, vitriol, exploitation and abuse are not tolerated. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other expressions of power across structural power/privilege differentials.

Respect and venerate the great constellation of human experience and self-expression, across gender, sexuality, neurology, psychology, body, ability, race, identity, culture, spirituality, et cetera.

Content warnings should be used in accordance with evolving community standards and the needs of fellow users.

Accounts posting content not suitable for minors such as pornography or explicit sexual content should be locked and clearly marked as 18+ only in the display name or bio. The account-holder must reject follow requests from users who do not make clear that they are over 18. All posts containing explicit material must also be content-warned as such and have media hidden.

Bot accounts are allowed, but must not interact with other users without their consent.

Copyrighted content should not be posted without permission, and always with credit, ideally hyperlinking to the author's online presence.


Church users are expected to work to educate themselves and support their fellows with different lived experiences, cultures, beliefs, and intersections of structural power. It is not the responsibility of those whose identity or experience you do not understand to explain themselves to those yet uninformed. Any education offered is given as a favour and should be respected as such.

No one person can champion all worthy causes, and bigotry cannot be fought on any single front. Respect the work of those who are dedicated to different parts of the fight. Respect the capacity of others.

Irradiate the Rich

As part of our Solidarity, always remember who the greater persecutor is, who is responsible for the ignorance of our peers, and oppression of our communities. Disagreements among us are important and natural but can obscure the greater perspective.


Solidarity is meaningless without acknowledging and actively working against the multitudinous gradients of privilege/power any of us may hold over others. Consider your privileges and their ramifications when engaging with other users.


Church users are not required or expected to disclose or externally verify any aspects of their identity or to administrators other than a functioning email for signup, excluding conditions agreed to during the sign-up process.

Creating or using alternate accounts to evade blocks, mutings, suspensions or silencings is not allowed by any users.


Instances with a history of permitting harassment, abusive behaviour, and spam by their users will be blocked, regardless of the wording of their policies.

Church administrators will stand behind users reporting harassment and personally follow up where necessary and wanted, maintaining the anonymity of our users where possible, including against other church users.

Moderating disputes

Where a church user is under investigation for violating the Tenets, they will be informed of such as soon as practical, and offered the right of defence through a moderator. No public announcements will be made until a final decision is settled, and only if the decision affects other parties (such as in the case of an outright ban of a serial harasser).

Both those accused and those reporting are requested to avoid non-conciliatory public interaction with each other, 'callouts', and the like, until moderating decisions have been made.


The highest priority of Cathode Church is maintaining the safety of our users and this can contradict some assumptions of federating software regarding open access. The server is configured to disable search indexing and unauthenticated viewing of the timeline or toots where possible. Known fulltext-indexers are blocked. Hosts detected attempting to scan/crawl media files will be blocked.

That said, it is not recommended to rely on the security of Mastodon for very private information.


Administrative details


Cathode Church is run off a VPS in Sydney, Australia, and uses OpenStack Object Storage also in Sydney for media storage. The site should be fully accessible via IPv6 and modern HTTPS/TLS.

Multiple Sessions

Inspired by vulpine.club's setup, it is possible to maintain multiple separate sessions for separate accounts by using the subdomains 0.cathode.church, 1.cathode.church, 2.cathode.church, and 3.cathode.church.

Local-only Posting

Toots that end with 👁 or have "Local-only" enabled in the web interface are not federated from cathode.church to any other instance. They are only visible to Cathode Church users (depending on the toot visibility setting).


No public donation method is currently available. Contact an administrator if you would like to make a donation.

Art & Emoji

The background image of the Cathode skin under Glitch Edition flavour is by the Weld, and All Rights Reserved.

This instance uses hand-picked subsets of the following emoji sets:

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Filtered media

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason
switter.at Un-CWed explicit media
gay.nsfw.onl Untagged pornography

Silenced servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
elekk.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105642858900723417
mastodon.online https://cathode.church/@moderation/105559463470198207
mastodon.social https://cathode.church/@moderation/105559463470198207
monads.online https://cathode.church/@moderation/105642858900723417
myasstodon.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105642858900723417
poa.st https://cathode.church/@moderation/105548325841437657
societal.co https://cathode.church/@moderation/105584423982372197 fediblock.org: freeze peach
tweety.icu Trump support, fascism, freeze peach
gay.nsfw.onl Untagged pornography

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
10minutepleroma.com Fediblock.org: Gleason site, freeze peach, harassment, etc
2ar.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
80percent.social https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
a.nti.social Anti-blackness, failure to moderate, reluctance to ban bad users https://cathode.church/@moderation/105490021901514657
absturztau.be https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
alive.bar https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536281260664481
ancreport.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689194822518515
animalliberation.social Fediblock.org: Gleason instance (gab adjacent), transmisia
anime.website fediblock.org: freeze peach, racism, homomisia
anon-kenkai.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105551343666350065
antivaxxer.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
archivefedifor.fun unethical archiving
atlas.fedi.live https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689225460574259
baraag.net Fediblock.org: lolicon, child pornography
based.directory Fediblock: freeze peach, alt-right, nazism https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536275475108805
bitcoinhackers.org https://cathode.church/@moderation/105548113299434612 FediBlock
bittube.video fediblock.org: freeze peach
blob.cat https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
brasileiros.social https://cathode.church/@moderation/105563110699021055
brighteon.social fediblock.org: fascism, freeze peach, conspiracy ideology
bwzone.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
campduffel.social https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689374886254367
canberrasocial.net fediblock.org: freeze peach, racism
cawfee.club fediblock.org: racism
censorship.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
club.darknight-coffee.org Fediblock.org: Far-right political stance, no CoC
clubcyberia.co https://cathode.church/@moderation/105584364523925161
cock.fish https://cathode.church/@moderation/105548443425536721
contrapointsfan.club https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689216741747707
counter.fedi.live fediblock.org: freeze peach
counter.social Nationalism, transmisia
cyberfuck.club fediblock.org: freeze peach, racism
dbuild.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
degooglization.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
dingdash.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689359283595575
distrotoot.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105548384456534860
djsumdog.com Well-known block evader
fedi.club https://cathode.church/@moderation/105535815796355459
fightbig.tech https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
fiume.club https://cathode.church/@moderation/105563082222452134
freedomofpress.rocks https://cathode.church/@moderation/105584348225135003
freespeech.firedragonstudios.com Fediblock.org: Freeze peach, racism, antisemitism, etc
freespeech.group https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689342648362329
freespeech.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
freespeechextremist.com fediblock.org: freeze peach, etc
freethinkers.host fediblock.org: freeze peach
freethinkers.lgbt fediblock.org: freeze peach
freezepeach.xyz Harassment, freeze peach, etc
frennet.link https://cathode.church/@moderation/105551305804539534
fuck-man-i-just-want-like-one-friend.xyz block evading, troll
gab.ai it's gab
gab.com it's gab
gab.io it's gab
gameliberty.club Fediblock.org: nazism, "lolicon", racism
gasthe.lgbt homophobia etc
gendercritical.club transphobia
gendercritical.space transphobia
getbackinthe.kitchen misogyny
gitmo.life https://cathode.church/@moderation/105790671080006372
gleasonator.com Fediblock.org: freeze peach, racism, transmisia, well-known awful admin
gleasonator.dev gleason, terfy, gab adjacent
glindr.org gleason, terfs
glowers.club https://cathode.church/@moderation/105563064414410870
gorf.pub freeze peach, antisemitism, transmisia, etc
handholding.io Hosted on Soapbox (known racist/gab-adjacent pleroma version), incompatible CoC (no anti-harassment)
hitchhiker.social fediblock.org: racism, misogyny, block evasion (djsumdog, with an m)
iddqd.social fediblock.org: transmisia
ieji.de https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536914708782791
k3tan.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
katiehopkinspolitical.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
kiwifarms.cc harassment, doxing, stalking, transmisia, racism, etc. Well known awful abusers
kiwifarms.is stalking, doxing, racism etc (same owners as kiwifarms.cc)
kiwifarms.pleroma.net harassment, doxing, racism, etc
lain.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105639002734155606
lain.sh fediblock.org: racism, freeze peach
liberdon.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105629883294103353
ligma.pro fediblock.org: unethical archiving, transmisia, harassment
loli.estate Underage illustrated pornography "lolicon"
loliandstuff.moe Underage illustrated pornography "lolicon"
lolifuggzi5axn2rmbk44u55zk3zjnbs4vhcruifrgyfpk6mwm4okuad.onion Underage illustrated pornography "lolicon"
lolis.world Underage illustrated pornography "lolicon"
lush.moe,lc.imexile.moe FediBlock.Org: Underage illustrated pornography "lolicon"
mastodon.city https://cathode.church/@moderation/105605576894768377
melalandia.tk Underage illustrated pornography "lolicon"
memehub.eu FediBlock.Org: Hitler memes, no CoC
mhp.singleuser.club https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
midnightride.rs https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689321720652036
moggy.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
mouse.services https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
mstdn.jp https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536295778972950
nazi.social https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689178785759691
neckbeard.xyz fediblock.org: freeze peach, nazism
nobodyhasthe.biz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105563075018057094
oursocialism.today Fediblock: nazism, alt right https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536275475108805
paypig.org https://cathode.church/@moderation/105551356006935180
pieville.net Fediblock: blatant nazism https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536275475108805
pirateradio.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
plandemic.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
pleroma.us Fediblock.org: Nazism, fascism, gab-adjacent, etc
political.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
povertypimps.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
preteengirls.biz Underage illustrated pornography "lolicon"
projectveritas.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
pube.tk https://cathode.church/@moderation/105584358154404337
qoto.org https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536071915888046
quodverum.com Fediblock: trumpism, fascism, conspiracy theorists https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536275475108805
rage.lol Fediblock.org: Freeze peach, nazism
rayn.bo https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536860994431655
rcsocial.net https://cathode.church/@moderation/105605560196704033
rino.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
salesforce.social 'Reverse-racism' accusations, racist techbroing
santsenques.cat Fediblock.org: Antisemitism
scamdemic.party https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689237632386150
sealion.club Harassment, freeze peach
search.fedi.app https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536028584683692
shitposter.club fediblock.org: racism
skins.gay https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689333989242489
skippers-bin.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689329240463380
skyshanty.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689316274907416
slash.cl https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
smuglo.li fediblock.org: racism, transmisia
social.here.blue https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
social.piaste.it https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
social.redxen.eu fediblock.org: antisemitism, racism, homophobia
social.urspringer.de fediblock.org: conspiracy ideology, freeze peach
spearman.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
spinster.xyz Terfs, transmisia, Gleason-adjacent
springbo.cc fediblock.org: racism, transphobia
stereophonic.space https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536896217175234
stupid.moe Fediblock.org: Ableism, homomisia, transmisia
super-niche.club Underage illustrated pornography "lolicon"
supes.com https://cathode.church/@moderation/105551441640697155
theburning.world Fediblock: hate speech, homophobia https://cathode.church/@moderation/105536275475108805
thecitadel.social https://cathode.church/@moderation/105563048156957276
thecitizen.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
theduran.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
thepopulist.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
theres.life fediblock.org: freeze peach, racism, gab adjacent, etc
traboone.com fediblock.org: freeze peach
trumpislovetrumpis.life fediblock.org: fascism, nationalism, racism
tucson.claims https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
udongein.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292
untwitter.cf freeze peach, federation with known fash & libertarian instances, right-wing red flags
voicenews.icu https://cathode.church/@moderation/105533457989639003
wintermute.fr.to Fediblock.org: Nazism, racism, harassment, well known neo-nazi admin
wolfie.pw Libertarianism, association with bad actors https://cathode.church/@moderation/105490100664839375
wurm.host fediblock.org: racism, spinster adjacent
yggdrasil.social fediblock.org: nazism, terf, racism, homophobia
zefirchik.xyz https://cathode.church/@moderation/105689269713495292